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Travel Wallets

  • Cheque Book Holder - Panache
    SGD 35.96  
    SGD 19.92
      ( 45% OFF)
  • Travel Wallet - Midnight
    SGD 23.96  
    SGD 19.96
      ( 17% OFF)
  • Travel Wallet - Raven
    SGD 31.96  
    SGD 23.96
      ( 25% OFF)

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Personalized Cheque Book Holders & Travel Wallets!

Cheque book holder and travel wallets are slightly different from any ordinary wallet and are usually bi-fold long style. Printvenue, offers variety of cheque book holders and travel wallets. These are designed in such a way that they are easy and flexible for you to carry.


Customized Cheque Book Holders & Travel Wallets Online!


When you use personalized travel wallets, you can be assured of its durability and quality. Not only, it would serve a wonderful purpose of storage, but at the same time, it would definitely be your travel companion for longer periods than you can even imagine. These travel accessories certainly give you a good value for your money because of their multi-utility. You can choose from two corporate colors- black and brown and personalize with your name/logo.