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Wooden Plaques

Personalize your design


SGD 20.99

I acknowledge that all unedited text will be left blank and any other unedited customization options will be disregarded in the final print. Please preview to confirm.

About This Product

Make these beautifully crafted wooden plaques personalized for your house/work space.

  • Beautifully crafted plaques from high quality wood
  • Its for table and comes with a stand
  • Available in Size: w:242mm X h:153mm
  • Laser Engraving on the body

  • The engraving depth & colour depend on the image and the text used.
  • Photo is lightly engraved into wood, whilst, the solid colour & text are deeply engraved.
  • Upload your high resolution photo to be engraved.
  • Final colour of engraving may differ from the one shown.